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Empowering Parents with Nutrient-Rich Delights: Plum & Blum’s Quest to Nourish Young Minds

Company Overview

Plum and Blum was founded in 2019 with the aim of providing complementary breast milk foods for babies starting from 6 months of age, focusing on non-instant baby porridge products. Our product development focus includes a “Weight Booster” (containing essential nutrients to support a child’s brain development) and a “Brain Booster” (containing vital nutrients for enhancing a child’s brain development). 

Over time, our product variations have reached more than 100 different options with the goal of enabling children to consume them every day and avoid boredom, which is one of the factors that can lead to a lack of appetite in children.


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Our Value

Top Quality

We prioritize high-quality products for optimal child development.

Continuous Innovation

We’re dedicated to constant improvement through the latest research.

Child Safety

We ensure the highest safety standards for children.

Variety of Options

Over 100 product variants keep children engaged.

Celebrate with Plum & Blum

Connect with us to celebrate the essence of nourishing childhoods with Plum & Blum. Your questions, ideas, and feedback are valued, and we’re here to support you in any way we can. Let’s make every moment count for your little one!
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